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PMQ31 Interactions, topology and symmetry in disordered systems


Organisateurs : Jean-François Clément (PhLAM, Lille), Adam Rançon (PhLAM, Lille), Nicolas Cherroret (LKB Paris), Radu Chicireanu (PhLAM, Lille)
Mardi 24 août après-midi    
15h00-15h30 (EI) Nicolas Laflorencie An introduction to many-body localization in condensed matter physics
15h30-15h45 (EC) Romain Daviet Disorder and interactions in one-dimensional quantum fluids
15h45-16h00 (EC) Renaud Chrétien Inversion of coherent backscattering with interacting BECs in two-dimensional disorder : a Truncated Wigner approach
16h00-16h15 (EC) Vincent Vuatelet Effective thermalization of a many-body dynamically localized Bose gas
16h15-16h30 (EC) Romain Pierrat Speckle decorrelation in non-linear disordered media
Mercredi 25 août matin    
08h45-09h00 (EC) Álvaro de Melo Anderson localization of light by Ytterbium cold atoms
09h00-09h15 (EC) Guido Masella Disordered bosonic systems with power-law hoppings : a numerical study of phases and conductivity
09h15-09h30 (EC) Francesco Mattiotti Disorder-Enhanced and Disorder-Independent Transport with Long-Range Hopping: Application to Molecular Chains in Optical Cavities
09h30-09h45 (EC) Patrizia Vignolo Quantum boomerang effect: beyond the standard Anderson model
09h45-10h00 (EC) Félix Rose Disorder in order: localization in a randomless cold atom system
10h00-10h15 (EC) Pierre Pelletier Spectral functions of ultracold systems: a Localization Landscape approach
Mercredi 25 août après-midi    
15h00-15h30 (EI) Thierry Lahaye Titre Realizing artificial topological matter in arrays of Rydberg atoms
15h30-15h45 (EC) Federico Carlini Tailoring propagation of coherent light via spin-orbit interactions in controlled disorder
15h45-16h00 (EC) Bart van Tiggelen Einstein-De Haas effect of the electromagnetic quantum vacuum
16h00-16h15 (EC) Piyush Jeena Engineering magnetic frustration with impurities
16h15-16h30 (EC) Antonin Coutant Topologically protected modes in acoustic networks
  Lucas Reneuve Magnetic fragmentation inside an arctic circle
  Jean-Baptiste Touchais Robust electronic states due to domain walls of spin-orbit couplings in graphene
  Le Hong Hoang To Superconductor-Metal-Insulator transitions in YxSi1-x thin films



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