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OPS27 Laser-driven (ultra)fast dynamics: from molecules to materials (I & II)


Organisateurs : Valerie Halte (IPCMS), Brice Arnaud (IMMM-CNRS, Le Mans Université), Stefan Haacke (IPCMS), Maciej Lorenc (IPR Univ Rennes 1), Luca Perfetti (LSI-CNRS, Ecole Polyctechnique), Pascal Ruello (IMMM-CNRS, Le Mans Université).
Mardi 24 août après-midi    
15h00-15h30 (EI) Stephen  Fahy Atomic forces and dynamics in the photoexcited state:electrons driving atoms and atoms driving electrons
15h30-15h45 (EC) Leila  Ben Mahfoud Ab initio simulations of ultrafast laser-induced structural instabilities in transition metals
15h45-16h00 (EC) Edson  Cardozo De Oliveira  Mesoporous materials for opto-phononic sensing devices operating in the gigahertz range
16h00-16h15 (EC) Valentin Chardonnet  Probing structural and magnetic ultrafast dynamic profiles by time resolved X-ray Resonant Magnetic Reflectivity
16h15-16h30 (EC) Ruizhe Gu Ultrafast Photogeneration of coherent acoustic phonons in nanostructured multiferroics
Mercredi 25 août  après-midi    
15h00-15h30 (EI) Martin Schulze Track and Control Charge and Spin dynamics at Ultrafast Timescales
15h30-15h45 (EC) Geoffroy  Kremer  Unveiling the unoccupied band structure of the ferroelectric Rashba semiconductor alpha-GeTe(111) by time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
15h45-16h00 (EC) Jiuxiang  Zhang  Probing spin chirality of photoexcited topological insulators Bi2Te2Se and Bi2Se3 with circular dichroism angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
16h00-16h15 (EC) Artem Levchuk Disentangling contributions to the ultrafast spin-to-charge conversion: Experimental approach
16h15-16h30 (EC) Romain Géneaux Direct observation of coherent spin injection across metallic layers at the few-femtosecond timescale
Jeudi 26 août après-midi    
15h00-15h30 (EI) Renske  van der Veen  Ultrafast Imaging and Spectroscopy of Strongly Cooperative Spin-Crossover Nanomaterials
15h30-15h45 (EC) Yaowei  Hu Photoswitching of spin-crossover nanoparticles in an ultrafast electron microscope
15h45-16h00 (EC) Ritwika  Mandal Size dependance of the photo-induced phase transition in Ti3O5 nanocrystals
16h00-16h15 (EC) Ilias Nikolinakos  Photoinduced Charge and Energy Transfer Dynamics in novel Diketopyrrolopyrrole Transparent Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
16h15-16h30 (EC) Vincent De Waele  Time-resolved investigation of the excited state of (py)2bpy and [(py)2bpy]Cp*RhCl2 derivatives and of the corresponding conjugated microporous polymer photocatalysts
Vendredi 27 août après-midi    
15h00-15h30 (EI) Elsa Abreu Ultrafast electric Mott transition in GaTa4Se8 following THz photoexcitation
15h30-15h45 (EC) Guénolé Huitric TeraHertz pump/Optical probe experiments on vanadium sesquioxyde (V2O3) thin films in the Paramagnetic Metallic phase
15h45-16h00 (EC) Romain Grasset Terahertz nematic response in the superconducting state of Ba(K)Fe2As2
16h00-16h15 (EC) Paloma Martinez Sub-Picosecond Non-Equilibrium States in the Amorphous Phase of GeTe
16h15-16h30 (EC) Marius Herve Ultrafast Spin and Charge Dynamics in CoFe Prussian Blue Analogues
  Arshak Tsaturyan DFT modeling of fused silica electronic structure under strong laser-induced
  Jayash Panigrahi Spins and charges dynamics across Verwey transition in thin Fe3O4 films



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