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MMPS26 Magnétisme dans les matériaux moléculaires : dimensionnalité, commutation, multipropriétés


Organisateurs : Guillaume Chastanet (ICMCB, Bordeaux) et Boris Le Guennic (ISCR, Rennes)
Jeudi 26 août matin    
08h45-09h15 (EI) Lucie Norel Photoswitching of Single Molecule Magnets
09h15-09h30 (EC) Thi Thiet Vu Downsizing the switchable Prussian blue analog RbIxMnII[FeIII(CN)6](2+x)/3.zH2O (RbMnFe) for magnetic properties and optical nonlinearities at the nanoscale
09h30-09h45 (EC) Nathan Yutronkie Radical building block approach to three-dimensional magnetic exchange networks
09h45-10h00 (EC) Yuteng Zhang Resistance Switching in Large-Area Vertical Junctions of the Molecular Spin Crossover Complex [Fe(HB(tz)3)2]: ON/OFF Ratios and Device Stability
10h00-10h15 (EC) Elzbieta Trzop Spin crossover, symmetry breaking and magnetoelectric coupling in Mn(III) systems
Jeudi 26 août après-midi    
15h00-15h30 (EI) Rodolphe Clérac Metal-organic magnets with large room temperature coercivity and ordering temperature up to 515 K
15h30-15h45 (EC) Ludovic Favereau Axial and Helical Chiral Bicarbazole Systems: A New Family of Stable Chiral Mono- and Diradical Cations
15h45-16h00 (EC) Amélie Bordage Transition metal K-edge XMCD and Prussian Blue Analogs : Towards quantitative magnetic information
16h00-16h15 (EC) Maxime Grasser Chiroptical and magnetic properties of lanthanide complexes from an ab initio point of view
16h15-16h30 (EC) Félix Houard Water-induced selective crystallization of finite or infinite Single Chain Magnets
Vendredi 27 août matin    
08h45-09h15 (EI) Cyrille Train Magneto-chiral Dichroism: Going Beyond the Early Demonstrations
09h15-09h30 (EC) Lucas Gournay LIESST above T LIESST on Fe(phen)2(NCS)2 : a balance between relaxation time and fluence
09h30-09h45 (EC) Massine Kelai Robust magnetic anisotropy of a monolayer of hexacoordinate Fe(II) complexes assembled on Cu(111)
09h45-10h00 (EC) Yanling Li Pressure-induced conversion of a family of cyanide-bridged Fe/Co square complexes from paramagnetic to bistable state
10h00-10h15 (EC) Jean-François Dayen Spin crossover/graphene heterostructure based switchable optoelectronic devices
  Gael Privault Experimental and theoretical analysis of vibrational modes in Fe(phen)2(NCS)2 single crystal
  Alaa Fahs Role of Surface Effects in the Vibrational Density of States and the Vibrational Entropy in Spin Crossover Nanomaterials: A Molecular Dynamics Investigation



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